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Posted: August 5, 2008 in Misc.
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They have just now started Bible Quizzing! Over an hour late! Wow!

I’ll be keeping up with Win/Loss for them while they are in there if you are interested! Keep hitting refresh to know what’s up! It is Double Elimination in this round, they are against four other teams. If they win first in this round they go to the finals on Thursday! Katherine Turner is doing a marvelous job of keeping me updated with these! Mom and Katelyn are throwing in some every once in a while as well 🙂

Update— Playing Now

Update (9:00pm)— They Are Playing Texas Right Now

Update (9:05pm)— Beat Texas!! All three of our players have quizzed out! (They get extra points for answering five questions right a piece!)

Update (9:14pm)— Final Score- Us- 305  Texas-50

Update (9:26pm)— Other Teams are Going to see who we play *beat* next!

—-Round 2—-

Update (9:29pm)— They’re playing again now!

Update (9:33pm)— Playing Florida-Cocoa

Update (9:37pm)— Beating Florida, Half way Through

Update (9:40pm)— Renee has Quizzed Out!

Update (9:42pm)— Blake Jr. has Quizzed Out!

Update (9:45pm)— We beat Florida-Cocoa!

Update (9:50pm)— Final Score– Us-200     Florida-70

—-Round 3—–

Update (10:08pm)— Playing Again!

Update (10:10pm)— Playing Northern Ohio

Update (10:15pm)— Renee Quizzes Out!

Update (10:19pm)— Blake Jr. Quizzes Out!

Update (10:21pm)— Emily Quizzes Out!

Update (10:22pm)— We Beat Northern Ohio!

Update (10:24pm)— Final Score    Us 305— Northern Ohio- 90

Update (10:31pm)— They have one more game to move on to the Final Round on Thursday!

Update (10:37pm) — Waiting on the other game to finish up to see who we play again tonight!

Update (10:59pm)— Still waiting on the other teams to finish so we can play *beat* our final opponent!

—–Final Round—-

Update (11:17pm) — Playing Texas! If we beat them we move on to the Finals on Thursday Night!

Update (11:27pm) —We’re going Strong!

Update (11:28pm)— Renee quizzes out!

Update (11:31pm)— Blake quizzes out!

Update (11:32pm) —- We’re moving to the Finals on Thursday!! Way to Go Guys!!!

Update (11:33pm) — Final Score — US 250    Texas 50


A HUGE thanks to Katherine for keeping the update flowing the whole time! Mom and Katelyen also threw some in there every once in a while! Congradulations to our team! They are AMAZING! Looking forward to finals on Thursday! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the updates flowing again!

Till tomorrow!


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