Teen Talent International

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Church Production, Church Videos
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Hey Everyone!

So as I mentioned earlier a lot of the Youth are in San Antonio this week performing with the gifts and talents God has given them. I will be trying to keep you updated on the happenings as I know them, however the winners of everything except Bible Quiz will not be announced until Friday night. Be watching my blog between 8 and Midnight on Friday for updates on winnings! I’ll keep them flowing (hopefully). Anyway, here is a tentative schedule for the Drama Division. All the Dramas will be streamed live on line for you to view! So pass this on to as many Torch Members and ONEWAY Parents as you Can!

**All Times are in Eastern Time
***All Time are Tentative and reflect a time I’m estimating. They are based on the order they have us placed and the time the session starts.

Anna Swick- Monologue   (Around 1:45pm)
Logan Green and Anna Swick- Group Skit (Around 3:00pm)

Group Pantomime (The Awesome God Drama)  (Around 5:20pm)

Group Synchronized Movement (The Girls Dance) (Around 2:30pm)

The Link for Viewing will be

Also, you can see the full schedule for Dramas Here if you wish to better Estimate Times and Follow Along. I believe the times on this are in Central Time (Texas). Please correct me if I am wrong.


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