What the Georgia Tech Video Department Does

Posted: August 2, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video

I know I talk a lot on here about working with the Georgia Tech Athletic Video Department, hey I use it pretty frequently for my Resume as well since it has been a HUGE part of my life for the past three years. However you may be wondering what exactly we (the Georgia Tech Video Department… or Vidiots as we have so affectionately been named) do. Well, for starters my boss is one of the best Video Coordinators in the CSVA (Collegiate Sports Video Association) and has been named Coordinator of the year Several Years. Oh, and did I mention we do all of this with VERY minimal staffing!

Here is my brief description of what we do.
The Georgia Tech Athletic Video Department has been given the task of running the multi-media arm of a Division 1A  College Athletic Association with responsibilities ranging from the daily filming of football practice to developing videos for the jumbo screens at the stadiums.

Some of these tasks include:
Filming Daily Football Practices for Coach and Player Review
Filming Football Games for Coach and Player Review
Filming Daily Basketball Practices for Coach and Player Review
Filming Basketball Games for Coach and Player Review
Acquiring and Editing Football Opponent Film for Breakdown and Review
Acquiring and Editing Basketball Opponent Film for Breakdown and Review
Traveling with the Football and Basketball Teams for Video Support
Supporting all other Olympic Sports at Georgia Tech with Video Services

Producing all videos and graphics that appear on the Jumbo Screens at Football, Basketball and Baseball
Developing ideas and productions for sponsors, events and special recognitions
Producing the Live Show for all Football, Basketball and Baseball Games
Producing the Football, Basketball and Baseball Coaches Show
Video Support for all Athletic Related Events (Banquets, Fan Days etc.)
Technical Support for all Coaching Staff at the GT Athletic Association
Producing of End of Year Highlight Videos for all Sports
Producing of Recruiting Videos

And this Literally on Scratches the Surface of all that we do in the GT Athletic Video Department!

So to leave you with a video, here is the Intro Video for the Miami Game I created about two years ago. This is a 1 minute video that took nearly 30 hours of editing time!


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