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Hey Everyone!

Sorry it’s so late for me posting this stuff! Things are crazy… as usual!

So anyway, yesterday was our first game of the season! We did pretty good, several things to work on, and I’m anticipating several laps to be ran on Saturday by some of the players! It was actually pretty crowded last night at the game which was impressive! I would say it was easily over 85% full last night which isn’t bad for a Thursday Night game against a small team. Mom and Dad came a little late, and Tony and Holly Adams came before the game as well and I was able to get them some tickets. One of my friends from back home already had tickets so I gave him a tour of the Field, Press Box and our offices before the game began! I love doing stuff like that for people. It’s funny how common place seeing all of that has became to me, to be able to see someone be “amazed” by the inner workings of College Football is pretty fun!

Anyway, I ran End Zone camera the whole game last night. There are only two of us who have filmed Game’s before so one is filming Side Line and the other is filming End Zone for at least the first four or five games! No Breaks! We head up to Boston Next week which I’m really looking forward to! It will be my first time there! Then the next weekend we head to Virginia Tech and one of my friends is meeting us up there to hang out! It should be fun.

Here are some pics from the game.

Before the Game, from my Filming Spot

Before the Game, from my Filming Spot


Some of the Drummers on the far end of the T got a little confused!

Some of the Drummers on the far end of the T got a little confused!


Where I spend the whole game looking!

Where I spend the whole game looking!


I'm really liking Editing Panorama's! This was WAY before it got full.

Panorama- I'm Really LIking Editing together these! My molding together is getting a little better! This is way before the crowd started coming.




Since we have a game today we didn’t have practice yesterday. It is one of the very, very limited Wednesdays I’ll have this Fall free so I decided to head over to Metro Church of God in Birmingham Alabama where, as most of you know, Scott is the new youth Pastor.

On my way I passed the Statue of Liberty! No, I’m not kidding, I had to do a double take and then turn around and go back to take a picture! Several people stopped and asked me if I was ok because I was sitting on the side of the road with my emergency blinkers! Apparently it has something to do with the Boy Scouts?

The Statue of Liberty--- Alabama Style!

The Statue of Liberty--- Alabama Style!

After that amazing sighting I arrived at Metro Church. Scott gave me the grand tour of his new “diggs” and I must say I am very impressed! It is seperated into two different buildings, the Main Sanctuary which has the Childrens Sanctuary as well, and then the Office/Youth building beside it. The youth facilities are also very cool! They have a really neat cafe with televisions, air hockey table, billiards etc. and tons of signed posters and pictures decorating the room. The sanctuary area also has HUGE potential! They have been blessed with a lot of awesome stuff that I know they can make great use of! I’m working with Scott right now to design some cool staging and seating area. The sanctuary is in a Gym which kind of hinders your ability to do a lot with the seating area because it is sometimes moved for functions, but the stage is stationary which helps a lot! I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with for it!

Service started around 6:30 with a countdown and the Bad Day at the Office Video. Then CJ led everyone into worship (and did a GREAT job!) I ended up running Pro-Presenter for the service (The lyrics, graphics and videos). It was my first time running it for a service but I guess I did OK. After Praise and Worship Scott did a sermon over Friends. It was really good!

Band Rehersal Before Service (Sorry, camera phone, my camera died!)

Band Rehearsal Before Service (Sorry, camera phone, my camera died!)

After the service ended everyone stayed around for oh, about 2 hours in the sanctuary talking!! Did get to meet a lot of Georgia Tech fans though! Ok, not really ;).

Once everyone was “finally” finished hanging out I decided to go ahead and stay the night with Scott (who is staying at his Sister’s House… until tonight!). They didn’t exactly know I was coming but it was great fun! I didn’t plan on staying so I had nothing but the clothes I was wearing… oh well :). I slept on the couch (a little to short for me), and Scott slept on the Recliner! Ha! I told him he could have the floor!?!

Today we woke up and I got to see Grant and Anna (Scott’s Sister’s Kids) for the first time in a long while. They headed off to School then Scott’s Mom and Dad (mama smith and Mr. smith!) came by! It was great to see them again as well!

Scott and Holly are moving into their new rental house today! I stopped by for about five minutes to check it out before heading back to Atlanta for the game. Their new students had left them some balloons and signs on the mailbox and house!

Welcome to Metro Sign from Scott's Youth

Welcome to Metro Sign from Scott's Youth Group at his New House

After touring the house briefly I headed back home to Atlanta. The one interesting part of the ride home was this Mobile Home that was being pulled by a truck. It took up almost two lanes of traffic yet they we’re running almost 80mph and passing Transfer Trucks! It was crazy!

Crazy Mobile Home Truck!

I’m really excited to see what God has in store for Metro Youth and what he will allow Scott and Holly to do there! (And hopefully I can contribute something ;).

Off to the Game Now— Jacksonville State! Expect pictures tomorrow!

In Plain English

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You have to give it up to the guys over at Buckhead Church. They are truly a creative (and talented!) bunch of people! Check this out! It’s so simple yet so effective!

Lunch Break- Skewed Shower

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One of my good friends who graduated from Tech last year (he was the Head Manager for the Football Team for a while), sent me some pictures of his new apartment, and best of all his new bathroom! Just check this thing out! He has to hook the curtain to the wall so it doesn’t slide down, and if you look closely the controls for the shower are on the left, but the shower head is on the right!

Just a laugh! He has a GREAT job though and I guess it’s a pretty good first place!

This is a part of the “Lunch Break” series. For more postings of humor, thoughts and funny pictures click Here

Today it has been raining on and off non-stop all day, actually since yesterday, and of course we had practice. Well, as you all know what happened last time it came a torrential down pour at practice I decided to wear the Official Georgia Tech Rain Gear today

Doning the GT Rain Gear

Wearing the GT Rain Gear

The greatest part of the ensemble? Well, as you may remember from last time my shoes got soaked!! Therefor I decided to complete the suit with……….

Rocking the Flip Flops at Practice

Rocking the Flip Flops at Practice

Well, it ended up not raining more than a few drops, but the many conversations with the players about why I decided to opt for the flip flops made for some rather interesting talks!

The Living Room

After practice I headed over the the first Living Room of the year! For those of you who don’t know The Living Room is a college ministry service put on by Buckhead Church. They do it at the Biltmore Hotel which is literally right across the street from where my classes are held! I went once last year however a busy schedule kept me from returning. I decided to give it another go tonight and it was great! Kristian Stanfield led worship with several songs I know (God of this City) and then a few new ones that are just beginning to circulate. One I liked was Chainbreaker, pretty cool stuff. The sermon was about Who are you? Brad spoke on following God’s path for your life, reading from Hebrews:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Hebrews 12:1-2

Some of the main points he covered:
1) “Let us throw off everything that hinders”
This not only is sin, but is anything that hinders you from following the path God has set out for you. This may be relationships (such as always having to hang out with this group of friends because they are doing something), video games etc. Anything that hinders you from following his path.

2) “Sin that so easily entangles” – With entangles it is meaning that sin which easily wraps itself around us, or in other words sins in which we easily wrap ourselves in. For instance when you go to that party, when you click through those Internet sites you shouldn’t be, when you hang out with those people……. etc.

3) “Race marked out for us” – God has marked out a perfect path for you, one that if you run you will have life. One that if you stray from and do not return to you will have “death”. Isn’t it amazing that God has laid out a path for us that we are meant to follow? That if we follow we will be “All that we can be”?

4) In this world you won’t win for following the path- Brad shared a story about a runner. This was a “red shirt” freshman cross country runner who was competing in his first national tournament. His goal was to finish in the top 50 of the race (there are over 100 runners in a cross country meet). Before the race, like any great racer, he walked the course to see all the twists and turns and really know the path. As he ran the race, he was around the 50th spot then at a fork in the track the lead runner took a wrong turn, then the second runner followed him, third etc. etc. till it got to him. He realized the mistake and yelled to them to turn around, no one listened. He decided to follow the correct route, then four, yes only four, others followed him. He now realized that he would possibly be winning first place in his first national tournament! As he topped the hill heading to the finish line he saw 103 runners in front of him nearing the finish line. By taking the wrong path they had cut over 3/4’s of a mile off the course! He thought, well, they will be disqualified because they ran the wrong path, it’s unfortunate but I will win! Well, the judges gathered and announced: “The standings will be based on the expedited course ran by the majority of the runners”– The guy ended up coming in 104th! Anyway, the moral of the story was that in this life you’re not considered a winner for running the path that is set for you, but you will be better for it in the end.

Who are you going to be?

More to come tomorrow in a different post-different topic-same “thread”

Today I went to the Georgia Tech Bookstore to purchase my text books for the semester. Keep in mind I am needing seven textbooks this year. Guess how much they were going to try and charge me for them (and five of them were USED!). If you guessed $500 guess again, actually, DOUBLE your guess! That’s right, they were going to try and charge me $984 for seven books! Are you kidding me! It is especially annoying when they pay me $18 to purchase back a Used Textbook and then turn around and sell it for over $150! Look at the Profit Margin on that! They do nothing to make a $132 profit! I have to go to the store, stand in line, wait on them to ring it up and hand me $18, then they turn around and stack it on the shelf. The next (unfortunate) student is paying $132 for the time it takes them to carry the book over to that shelf! What a scam! Anyway, I have decided to go online and purchase them, I’m getting out for $464!

Ok, well enough on my rant against the Georgia Tech Bookstore, now on to the second topic listed above… Stupid Drivers! After leaving the bookstore in disgust I headed over to get my car out of the parking deck. There is one entrance in and out of the deck for about 400 cars. Anyway, as I’m pulling up to the exit I see this!

That’s right, someone has decided it is a GREAT idea to block the ONLY entrance and exit of the parking deck with a Trailer. When I pulled up they had just parked there, then they proceded to open it up and push a car into it! This was after me asking them what on earth was going on and that they do realize this is the ONLY exit to the parking deck? Well about ten minutes later they finally get it loaded up and me, along with the ten cars that have since pulled up behind me, are able to leave!

So, How was your Day?

Kick-Off Event

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Tonight I helped to run the Production for our Annual GT Kick-Off Event. It is where tons of Alumni and HUGE Tech Fans pay to come eat and listen to our Coach, Athletic Director, Radio Announcer and Former Players get up and speak. They also have drawings (including a trip to our Boston Game) and Silent Auctions. Here are a couple of picture from it.

Me and the 85/75 Interstate (Taken from the Top of the Parking Garage)

Me and the 85/75 Interstate (Taken from the Top of the Parking Garage)

Me, 85/75 and "The Torch" (Taken from the Parking Deck)

Me, 85/75 and "The Torch" (Taken from the Top of the Parking Garage)

Half of the Banquet Hall

Half of the Banquet Hall

5 Days till our First Game!

Here is the video Andy through together for the 2008 Season Commercial! It looks a lot better at (Full Quality), but here it is from Youtube! We start in 6 days!

Also, here is the one I made two years ago for our Homecoming Game. This was the intro video played on the Jumbo Screen. I’m re-posting it so that hopefully I’ll have something even cooler to beat it with this year and you all can see the improvements! (My favorite part of this video, and the part that took the LONGEST! is where Grant (Number 3) runs under his own legs in the locker room! Watch for it! Also– I may do a step by step on how I created it in a few days. It took over 25 hours of editing time for 1 minute)