A Day in the Life of a GT Video Guy

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video
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So now with the excessive drought we are all looking for a little rain to relieve the pain…. Today was not one of those days! It rained a couple of times this morning, but never terrible. So we went out to practice around 2:30 and went up in the lifts. Mind you I am 40 feet in the air on a metal lift, uncovered with no protection. Also remember that we just got new cameras which are worth more than… well my life! haha. So anyway, about fifteen minutes into practice it begins raining lightly. About 30 seconds later it comes a torrential down pour!! I mean it was raining so hard I could not see the ground from the top of the lift! However they decided to continue practice and if they go we go! Also, in order to save the cameras all extra towels were allocated to covering it up! Needless to say I got SOAKED! From my head to my shoes! It was terrible! And  with rain of course comes lighting, which doesn’t mix well with the forty feet of a metal “lighting rod” I’m standing on! Finally after about ten minutes of it my boss, who was in another lift today, told us to come down! Thank goodness! It continued raining for about forty five minutes with the team huddled under the metal shelter freezing! Then after that it cleared up and we went back out for a two hour practice! A very LONG and miserable day!

Just another day in the life of a GT Football Video Guy!

  1. […] day, actually since yesterday, and of course we had practice. Well, as you all know what happened last time it came a torrential down pour at practice I decided to wear the Official Georgia Tech Rain Gear today Wearing the GT Rain […]

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