Farewell Video

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Church Videos

Hey Everyone!
As most of you know this has been a rather sad and changing week around ONEWAY! As indicated in an earlier post our Youth Pastor and his wife have been called to further God’s Ministry in Alabama. This is the video I created for tonight’s special farewell service for them! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there because of GT Football. Anyway, as I was sitting around thinking up ideas for it I decided to go “Old School”. First we started with Katelyn Turner, our host of the 5B4 introducing the video (Katelyn did a Great Job Again!). Then we had it pause and brought in Casey and J! For those of you who don’t know or are to young Casey and J was the Announcement Show we had many years ago! No editing, no planning, no scripts, no special effects no anything! We simply went outside before the service and hit record on the camera. Generally the episodes included a lot of tackling and stupid stuff! Great Times! So anyway, I gave them a general script of what I wanted said, then they ran with it and did a great job! I filmed interviews all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday (which was quite hard without Scott and Holly finding out! Especially since Holly was at the church all day Friday and Saturday!) I have an eternity of interviews that I had to edit down to this really short video! It turned out pretty good though!

So here it is,

  1. Sany Martin says:

    OMG, Blake! The video was AMAZING! I don’t think there was even one single person that wasn’t laughing AND crying the whole time. I HATE that you weren’t there to share in it, but it was great. Thanks for all your hard work on it. You’re the best. Love ya!

  2. Merkle says:

    this is cool man.. goodbye stuff is so emotional. XD

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