Guest Service- An Introduction

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Disney, Leadership
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For the past few weeks I have been reading and researching a lot on Customer (Guest) Service in preparation for a possible internship. Through looking at these books it is apparent how important, especially in today’s market, the element of Guest Service is. Over the past decades different elements were important. In times past is was superior production, others superior costs saving methods and still others advanced technology. Although all of those are still very important to the overall experience, it is becoming increasingly important that Guest Service be an organizations primary focus. Every industry is, in fact, a service industry. Whether you are developing high end cell phones, ministering to others through a church environment or creating theme parks for guests to spend their leisure time, without Customer “Guest” service you will quickly be left behind!

Take Walt Disney World (my case study). What sets it apart from Six Flags, Cedar Point and the other major theme parks in the nation? They don’t have the newest, fastest or most thrilling rides, their prices are relatively expensive and thousand of people are there! One might wonder how could they possibly create a memorable experience for almost every single guest that passes through those “magical” gates? However their parks hold the top six positions for theme park attendance in the world! Over 70% of their guests are return guests, so they must be doing something right! That special ingredient they have is “Superior Guest Service”.  Whether it is a family returning to a hotel room with a sick child and finding a mickey mouse doll on the bed, to a cast member (employee) replacing a spilled ice cream cone, Disney knows how to make the guests have an extraordinary experience! Disney implements their own Quality Service Cycle which is: exceeding your guests expectations and paying attention to detail.

The Disney Quality Service Cycle is composed of four main elements: Service Theme, Service Standards, Delivery Systems and Integration. These in turn are composed of Service, Employees (Cast), Setting, Process and Integration. This Service Cycle and the elements that compose it can not only make Disney such a revered company, but can help your company or organization as well. Disney has capitalized on this and offers the Disney Institute where organizations from all over the world bring their employees to Walt Disney World for training. They have written books and articles that have impacted the guest service industry profoundly. Over the next week or so I hope to cover the four or five main points in the Service Cycle in depth on individual posts. The main reason for this is it helps me learn and retain the information by dissecting it and applying it to things that concern me. Hopefully you will enjoy this series also and find something meaningful within it!

So check back often as I delve deeper into creating top notch guest service through Setting, Employees, Processes, Service Standards and Integration!

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