One More Week

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Church Production, Georgia Tech Video
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      Tomorrow begins the last week of my life! OK, the last week of “normal” life before Football starts up. This year Football is no walk in the park! We are practicing every single day starting next Wednesday until August 28th (our First Game), and then we are practicing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays until December! Plus games on Saturdays and if it’s an away game traveling on Fridays. Add into that mix 21 credit hours of classes and I’m in for a great semester haha! Then of course if I get the internship I am trying for I will be leaving a week after Football wraps up in January and will be gone until the middle of June! This is going to be a crazy, and exciting, year! I am looking forward to it, two semesters left of college, a great possible internship and then comes…… Real Life!!

     Of course this also all means very limited amounts of time I get to come home over the next year! Hopefully I will make it a couple of weekends between now and then, we will see!

Also, we had a great service this morning, especially the Healer song where a few of the members of our church gave testimonies. Head over to The Torch’s Media Directors  page for hers.

Till later


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