Dubai Architecture: Dynamic Tower

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Misc.
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Dubai is quickly becoming a place I hope to visit! Dubai is quickly becoming known for their breathtaking, risky and “big” projects! So over the next few weeks I’m going to look at some of Dubai’s Coolest Building, Designs and man made Islands (I’ve always been interested in Architecture and Design, hopefully you will find these interesting as well!)

The newest of which I will be taking a look at today is “Dynamic Tower”:

The Dynamic Tower is a 80 story ROTATING tower! Each floor rotates individually of the one above and below it, meaning that the design of the building changes constantly! (A floor rotates one complete revolution in 90 minutes). Imagine waking up facing the sunrise and going to sleep facing the sunset, without moving rooms! The first 20 floors are offices, the next fifteen a luxury hotel, 35 floors of apartments and 10 floors of entire level villas! Each villa will also have a parking spot, on the floor with the villa! A elevator in the core of the building brings cars up to the level you live on! Wow!

Not only is the building ROTATING, but it will be the first building nearly completely fabricated off-site. The only thing that will be built there is the concrete core, then each floor will be brought in completed; plumbing, electrical, walls, windows etc. and lifted into place! Amazing!

Here is the short video of it, also check out their brochure here. And their website here.

Here is an AP Spot about it:

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