Organization- Step 1

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Misc.
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I have set out on a mission, a mission that hopefully will help me to be a better employee, leader and manager! The mission: Organization!— For those of you who know me I am not the most organized person in the world (loose video tapes, papers everywhere, DVD’s etc. etc.).

Today I have taken a step toward Organization. I have officially comleted cleaning out and sorting my Inbox of my Email. Thats right! Over 1465 Messages from the past four years (hey, Yahoo Mail has unlimited storage so I keep anything that could be important in the future), sorted into several folders. Here is the finished result (I may make additional folders later on, because some are very generic and could be sorted further)…. Click on it for a bigger image:

  1. Sany Martin says:

    I am the “organization” queen so if I can help in anyway you know where I am…….CONGRATS on organizing yourself but DANG, over 1400 e-mails is a little pack-rattish if I do say so. J/K! Love ya!

  2. spotlightplanning says:

    I was guilty of never cleaning out my e-mail inbox. I had old e-mails from four years ago that were serving absolutely no relevant purpose. Like you, I realized that the old e-mails that I thought would be of use in the future were actually making my life more complicated. I found out that the e-mails I deemed “important” years ago were actually of no need to me now. It’s never felt so good to use the delete button.

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