Been a While :)

Posted: July 13, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video, Video
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Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the posting (or lack there of) last week, I had a CRAZY busy week. Three tests, two major projects and a video to work on. One of the projects was the Finance Project, which surprisingly was a very enjoyable (many) hours. We had to create excel sheets based on some basic information and then calculate WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital), Net Present Value, Profit Index, Internal Rate of Return and Modified Internal Rate of Return. You then had to run various scenarios on the data like adjusting the selling price or the costs to see if it was a project you would recommend undertaking. Then you had to write a summary of why or why not you choose to endorse it. (I’ll post the summary I wrote up later, after the project is due in case there are any fellow classmates who have yet to complete it… Sorry Guys :).

I also have a video I’m working on for an organization on campus and the original deadline of the end of July got pushed up to July 17th, so I’m forging ahead to get it finished in time.

So anyway, sorry for my lack of posting… I will do better this week :)……

I got the Fall Practice schedule Thursday. Ummm… Not Fun :). It starts July 30th and goes till August 16th… EVERY SINGLE DAY! With a lot of two a days (I think 6 of them). It is two of the following weeks: (Times blurred because I don’t know for sure how much information we can share on this type of thing)

Till next time (very soon)



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