The Alaska Cruise

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Misc.
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So for those of you who don’t know, we are heading to Alaska for a cruise on Saturday. My grandparents are carrying my family and my aunts family on an eight day cruise for their 50th Anniversary.

We have a FULL day of travel on Saturday. Something like a 6 hour flight with an hour layover and a two hour bus ride to the boat (in addition to actually getting to the airport and going through security). The funny thing… It’s like four hours later there so we will still be getting on the ship mid afternoon! I believe the first two days we stay on the boat and cruise around Alaska and Glacier Bay. The next three days are spent getting off the boat in a new location daily and exploring the town. Then the last day is cruising all day again. It is Saturday-Saturday. This will be my first trip to Alaska and my second cruise. We did the Disney cruise last year which was amazing! I’m interested to see how this cruise compares in service, entertainment and guest satisfaction!

The unfortunate part is that this will probably be one of the last trips with the whole family. I guess that is one of the unfortunate parts of growing up! However they can all come visit me and vacation where ever I end up working!

I’m sure I’ll take tons of pictures and I’ll try to put some on here next Sunday when we get back. (I doubt that I’ll have internet access on the boat, at least for less than $30 a minute! haha).


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