Yeah.. I’m walking over 12 Miles

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Misc.
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So as I was walking today around campus between classes I got to wondering how many miles a week I do travel on foot between my classes. So I went into Google Earth which has this cool feature you can make a map of where you walk on the live earth view and it will tell you how far it is. So on Tuesday-Thursday, even though I only have two classes, I walk 2.75 miles. (I walk from parking to the tech-square building, then to the stadium to visit a few minutes, then to eat at the student center, back to the tech-square building and finally back to the parking area)

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I walk 2.09 miles and I have three classes! I walk from parking to the Tech-Square, stay there for two classes, walk to the Student Center for Lunch, Walk to the IC for Econ and walk back to parking!

Here is the Tuesday-Thursday Path (Notice the Miles) (Click on it for a Full Size View)

And Monday Wednesday Friday


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