Lawrence of America

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Misc.
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Lawrence of America has taken the spot of my new favorite show on the Travel Channel! It is really funny ! Here is the description offline of the show… Go to the bottom for video. Also go to and type in Lawrence of America for multiple videos from the various shows.

Lawrence Beldon-Smythe was born in England in the 1970s. Ever since he was a child, his two major hobbies have been investigative journalism and dentistry. And hairdressing. But mostly the journalism thing. After finishing his formal education at various literate institutions, including boarding school, Lawrence embarked on a media career — preferring to keep dentistry as a relaxing hobby.

His big break came with a lengthy stint working in nature documentaries for a large and important British production company. It was there, while logging footage for a documentary on the mating habits of Argentinean fruit bats, that Lawrence fell in love with travel. Although he barely left a darkened editing room filled with images of obscure animals for the next decade, he knew one day a plane ticket, passport and uncomfortable neck pillow would be his.

America was always his first choice for an in-depth investigation. He’s been fascinated with the country since being told they invented doughnuts. (He’s a big fan of cake-related items). Lawrence firmly believed America was one of the least understood nations on Earth, and only his unique combination of curiosity, charisma and charm would enable Americans to show their true selves. So he began bombarding the American Travel Channel with his own, independently produced short video reports, hoping to convince them that he was the man who could reveal the truth.

Eventually, they were worn down enough to give him a chance. He may not have any credentials, much experience or much of a clue about anything other than Argentinean fruit bats, but he does have an overwhelming desire to learn about this giant, misunderstood, cliché-filled country. Plus he was willing to work for very little money.

Lawrence Beldon-Smythe — Englishman, truth seeker, cake lover and history’s next great global correspondent. According to Lawrence, anyway. And his mother.

Here is a brief segment from this past Wednesdays were he investiated College Life at at the University of Georgia.


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