Weekend Recap– Amazing!

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Disney
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One Word— AMAZING!

This was probably one of, if not the, best weekends I have ever had! As most of you know, I went down Friday to meet with some of the Disney Casting Directors. I began the morning at 9am with a meeting with the Director of Casting. She shared some wonderful insight into working with Disney and what all I would need to do to be able to grow in the company. It was a wonderful meeting, as it is every time I talk with her! Next I met with the Director of Entertainment Recruitment. He is the man in charge of hiring all the entertainment areas, especially some of the ones I really enjoy like Video, Lighting, Audio etc., as well as the on-stage roles. He shared some awesome information that will be VERY useful to doing anything in entertainment with Disney, as well as shared some pretty cool stories about some of his experiences.

Next I met with the Director of Professional Recruitment. This was also a very enjoyable meeting and I quickly feel in love with one of the professional management internships we were discussing. After learning more about it I really feel like it will be a perfect fit for me and I will really be able to use the talents and gifts I have been blessed with to further enhance the Disney Guest experience through this role!!! I am going to apply for the internship for January-June. I would have applied for the Fall internship, but after talking with her we both feel that the Football Internship with Tech is also an invaluable experience! Anyway, a thirty minute meeting with her quickly turned into over an hour! Every second was extremely enjoyable and beneficial! I can’t wait to continue to talk with all of the wonderful people I have met so far with Disney Casting! (Thank you!!)

Anyway, I finished up over at Disney Casting around 11:30. (Disney Casting by the way is a REALLY cool building!) After I calmed down a little from all the excitement (ok, I still haven’t came all the way back down from cloud nine!) my dad, mom and I headed over to Downtown Disney. We ate at Rainforest Cafe, saw Indiana Jones 4 at the Theater and then went shopping a while. We went and had an ice-cream at Ghirardellis.

Saturday was Park Day (We figured since we would already be in Orlando for the meetings we couldn’t pass up a Park Trip). We headed over to Epcot at about 8:30am and were actually one of the first people in the park! They let us in to a certain point where a lot of the Cast Members greeted us and talked with us until 9am when they dropped the ropes. We made very good use of the Fast Passes and quickly rode every ride at Epcot! We did The Seas with Nemo first, Mission to Mars, Soarin, Living with the Land, Test Track, Energy, Mexico, Vikings, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and then Spaceship Earth (They have changed a lot since I was here two years ago in that ride!). After Epcot we headed over to Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) and caught The Little Mermaid, Back lot Tour, the Stunt Show and my personal Favorite the Walt Disney Museum! Then we topped off the night with Fantasmic! (It is truly amazing! The planning and coordination of that show is top notch! Not to mention the Follow Spots which are simply amazing!) All in all it was a GREAT day at the parks.

As stated earlier this was one, if not the best, weekend I have ever had! I am so excited to continue to find out more about Disney and in what ways I might be able to share my skills and talents with them in the future!

And of course, what would a trip be without a few pictures!

At the One Man’s Dream Disney Museum

Me and my new favorite place on Earth!

Me on Mission Space!

Mom on Mission Space!!

Me on Back Lot Tour! (Yes, that is a Real Explosion in the Background)

Test Track

The Family at Epcot

Fantasmic! Ending! (Amazing Show! Mickey on top of the Mountain Conducting the Fireworks)

Again, AMAZING trip! Thank you to everyone!

  1. Sandy Martin says:

    My dearest Blake,
    I am SOOOO proud of you and all the hard work you have done to get yourself to do this point. I know everything is going to go great. You are blessed with amazing talent and I am excited to see what God is going to do in and through you. Love ya!

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