Achieving Success through Perseverance

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Disney, Misc., Organizational Behavior
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I have picked back up in the book “Talent is Never Enough” by John C. Maxwell. (I had written a few things about it a while back). Today I read the chapter about Perseverance. I’m going to jot down some of my notes about it and try to apply it in someway some may find meaningful. (Sorry, but this is a LONG one) (Also, anything out of the book is in quotations so all the legal blog readers are happy 😉

Principles of Perseverance

1) Perseverance Means Succeeding Because You Are Determined To, Not Destined To:

The greatest achievers don’t sit back and wait for success because they think they deserve it. They keep moving forward and persevering because they are determined to achieve it.

How true this is! You see this in (almost) every success story there is.

Steve Jobs- Started his Apple Company, got kicked out of Chairman of his Company, started another company that failed, bought Pixar and built it up even though it was constantly losing money, re-hired as chairman of Apple.

Walt Disney- Started at Laugh-o-grams making commercials. His first animations making less than they earned. No one in the industry supported him when he began making Snow White, no one believed anyone would go watch an Animated Movie. He made it anyway, risking going completely bankrupt.. and did it pay off! This was the case in numerous of Walt’s ideas and dreams.

We are determined to win the battle. We will fight them until hell freezes over, and then, if we have to, we’ll fight them on the ice.

-Joseph Lanier

I do hope to be successful one day. (Success is measured differently to everyone- another post for another day). However there is no way that it is going to happen if I sit in my apartment and wait on someone to call me because I am somewhat good at production! If I don’t actively pursue opportunities, further my education and explore ways to use the talents God has blessed me with, they won’t be here long!

2) Perseverance Recognizes Life Is Not a Long Race, but Many Short Ones in Succession

In life or in football, touchdowns rarely take place in seventy-yard increments. Usally it’s three yards and a cloud of dust”

-Rush Limbaugh

–Ok that takes on a whole new meaning when running an option offense! Anyway, this is basically saying the each day has its own tasks, its own challenges. Yes, my long range goal may be to one day be an executive with Disney, but unless some major miracle that I don’t deserve happens, I won’t be there tomorrow. It will take a TON of “three yard” accomplishments. While you don’t need to disregard your long term goals, you do need to develop shorter, often more manageble goals that will help you along the path to attaining your bigger goals.

3) Perseverance Is Needed to Release Most of Life’s Reward

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

-Thomas Edison

Disney again- It is said that Disney was rejected by 301 banks for a loan! When he finally did receive one it was for Disneyland, the first and most famous theme park in the world! It was also funded in part by ABC through his Disneyland Television series, which was also rejected numerous times by ABC, CBS, NBC and the other major networks of the day. How many highly succesful people do you know that gave up? I like the way Maxwell says it-

It’s the last step in the race that counts the most…If you run every step of the race well except the last one and you stop before the finish line, then the end result will be the same as if you never ran a step!

There are several more points, however to save you from having to read an entire page post today to get all these valuable points, I’ll post them in the next day or two.

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for the inspirational post. I liked #2 the most: Perseverance Recognizes Life Is Not a Long Race, but Many Short Ones in Succession.

    That is a different way of viewing things and changes the focus of a person’s life.

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