The LONGEST Football Day Ever!

Posted: June 1, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video

I have officially ranked today as one of the longest and most boring days in my Football Filming Career! And it didn’t even (really) involved Georgia Tech Athletics! I filmed a NFL Scout Camp today over at our Campus Recreation Center. Potential NFL Players came in from all over the world (we had one fly in from Italy, quite a few from California and Washington among other places) and do all sorts of test and drills to rank their performance. We film and photograph all of it for their website. I was in charge of filming long snaps, Defensive Line, Offensive Line and the most boring job ever… photographing all the players in a full body shot and a close up. No offense to anyone, but some of these players are not the most intelligent people ever ;). I would have to explain in depth the steps to putting your number on the board and facing the camera to almost every player! Anyway, I did that for over 230 players and it took about five hours just for that part! All in all I was there nearly 12 hours today. Long, hot, tiring, boring etc. etc. We did make good money, but I don’t really mind if I don’t work any more Pro Football Combines in the near future!


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