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Off to Alaska

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Misc.

I finished packing all of the stuff for Alaska… Quite a Task! Espcially not really knowing what to pack. Some days its going to be upper 50’s, some days it will be like the upper 30’s! (When we are in the Glacier National Park). Also, some of the Dinners are “Formal” wear, some are casual… etc. etc. Who knew a cruise could be so much work! And an eight day cruise adds even more to it!

So here are the pictures of my well done packing job:

Carry On Luggage for the Plane– Reading, Games etc. (And for Boat)

Luggage Bag

And Completed

I’ll see you all in a week! Be watching for photos on the 5th and 6th. Till then.. Bon Voyage!


Alaska Here We Come!

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Misc.

Getting everything packed up for our trip to Alaska! Our plane leaves at 6am tomorrow morning! Early! It will be a LONG day of travel before we get to the Cruise Ship.
We’ll be back July 5th, so expect pictures then (or probably the next day since I’ll be crazy tired!)

Oh— and No Cellphones, Internet and well… communication while I’m there! So see everyone in a week!

Braves Game Update

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Misc.
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I knew I could count on Brandi Wood, our Media Director at The Torch, to upload some photos from the Braves Game ;).

Here is Pastor Mike, Eric, Scott and I almost at the end of the game (we moved a little because there was basically no one there). Scott at least gave a thumbs up to the camera!

Brandi has More Over at Her Blog

From L-R (Pastor Mike Franklin, Eric Freeman, Scott Smith, Me)

The Alaska Cruise

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Misc.
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So for those of you who don’t know, we are heading to Alaska for a cruise on Saturday. My grandparents are carrying my family and my aunts family on an eight day cruise for their 50th Anniversary.

We have a FULL day of travel on Saturday. Something like a 6 hour flight with an hour layover and a two hour bus ride to the boat (in addition to actually getting to the airport and going through security). The funny thing… It’s like four hours later there so we will still be getting on the ship mid afternoon! I believe the first two days we stay on the boat and cruise around Alaska and Glacier Bay. The next three days are spent getting off the boat in a new location daily and exploring the town. Then the last day is cruising all day again. It is Saturday-Saturday. This will be my first trip to Alaska and my second cruise. We did the Disney cruise last year which was amazing! I’m interested to see how this cruise compares in service, entertainment and guest satisfaction!

The unfortunate part is that this will probably be one of the last trips with the whole family. I guess that is one of the unfortunate parts of growing up! However they can all come visit me and vacation where ever I end up working!

I’m sure I’ll take tons of pictures and I’ll try to put some on here next Sunday when we get back. (I doubt that I’ll have internet access on the boat, at least for less than $30 a minute! haha).

The Braves Game

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Misc.

So the reason for no post yesterday was the last minute trip to the Braves Game and Magianos (I have no idea how to actually spell it) to eat. Pastor Scott called and said he had an extra ticket with the church staff coming down so I went with them. There were 30 of us! We ate at Magianos at 4:00 and then headed over to the Braves Game (after our end of the table consumed about six cheese cake slices). We sat in the Golden Casino section and had front row seats!! (Ok, maybe front row of the parking lot but hey). The Braves didn’t to well at first, then we left at the beginning of the 9th and right when we walked out they started coming back! So we stood in the parking lot and watched the jumbo screen till the end of the game. Didn’t get any pictures, but it was a lot of fun! And the good thing is I was able to be home in about ten minutes!

So as I was walking today around campus between classes I got to wondering how many miles a week I do travel on foot between my classes. So I went into Google Earth which has this cool feature you can make a map of where you walk on the live earth view and it will tell you how far it is. So on Tuesday-Thursday, even though I only have two classes, I walk 2.75 miles. (I walk from parking to the tech-square building, then to the stadium to visit a few minutes, then to eat at the student center, back to the tech-square building and finally back to the parking area)

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I walk 2.09 miles and I have three classes! I walk from parking to the Tech-Square, stay there for two classes, walk to the Student Center for Lunch, Walk to the IC for Econ and walk back to parking!

Here is the Tuesday-Thursday Path (Notice the Miles) (Click on it for a Full Size View)

And Monday Wednesday Friday

Get Smart

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Misc.
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Went and saw Get Smart Saturday afternoon (with a friend that I haven’t hung out with in a long time!).. anyway, it was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while! I believe what made it even more comical was remembering the good old high school days when we made “spy movies” for announcements at church every once in a while. For those of you who have never seen them or who weren’t around during that time… here is our first one we made. I believe I was in 10th grade when I directed and edited this one.

And the Fourth Installment (My Senior Year in High School)

I’m also going to find my “Season Premier” video we shot my freshmen year in college for the contest and post it soon. So keep a look out.

Plowing Through

Posted: June 19, 2008 in Misc.
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I met with my Academic Advisor today to make sure that I am still on course to graduate when I want to. It looks like I am though I will have to continue at the pace I am going this summer, especially if I decide to attempt to pursue the internship next Spring. Right now I have 43 Credit Hours left (for all of you non-college kids, the average degree takes 120 Credit Hours. An average class is 3 Credit Hours). I have 18 Hours Scheduled for the Fall and 17 Scheduled for the next Fall (If I do the Internship). I am also planning to take Short Semester Classes after the internship, if I do it, which will be 6 Hours. I am also planning to do a Cross-Enrollment class with Georgia State in Hospitality/Resort/Entertainment Management this Fall which will bring my total to 21 Hours! So there is my Credit Hours in order to Graduate by the end of next Fall! It’s time to PLOW on through!