Company Culture #2

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Disney, Organizational Behavior
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Yesterday I talked about the layers of Company Culture, today I will continue by discussion by looking at ways to embed culture into the company (as outlined in my Organizational Behavior Class). Once again, Disney will be my primary example pool!

Embedding Culture in Organizations
Part 1

1. Formal statements of mission, vision, values etc.
The first way to begin instilling the culture of your organization into your employees (and guests) is to have formal statements of exactly what your values are. Often these are displayed on posters, in publications, in training materials etc. to promote it throughout the organization. Disney is extremely good at this task, with their primary way for new employees being the Disney Traditions Classes.. From Wikipedia: “All new Cast Members attend ‘Traditions’ on their first day of work; this class imparts the importance of the Disney history, legacy and brand through several promotional videos, group workshop exercises, and prize winning opportunities.”

2. Design of Physcial Space, Work Enviornments and buildings
Pretty much self explanatory. Design enviornements that employees and guests can easily relate to and will find appealing. Some of Disney’s are their Cast Member buildings and the special Cast only area of the property with swimming pools, tennis courts etc.

3. Slogans, Language, Acronyms and sayings
Creating unique slogans and acronyms for a company can really help to instill the culture in employees. Also, the use of special language, such as terms for events, people, places etc. can help an employee feel welcomed and at home.

4. Deliberate role modeling, training, teaching and coaching by mentors
Having newer employees pair up with more senior (long time) employees can help them learn the culture and create valuable relationships within the company. Also, having a role model to follow can be a great motivator for an employee, such as someone who started out smialiar to you now in a management role etc.

5. Explicit Awards, Status Symbols and promotion criteria
Having Awards that are given out among employees, having titles for promoted employees and having criteria that employees must obtain to get bonuses and promotions can help drive their motivation toward the companies goals collectively.

6. Stories, Legends and myths about key people and events
Having these that managers can share with employees that show people who are successful, take risks, lead other, go beyond and above, embody the companies values etc. can be a HUGE motivator to employees. Disney uses its traditions class stated above to also instill these values.

Team Disney Building
The Team Disney Building in Orlando. The Hub of the Disney Cast
That is a large sundial in the middle, the tall cylinder shaped object, it is
open all the way to ground level where the pin object on top casts a shadow.


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