Automatic Updates Restart– STOP

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Misc.
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So as many people who have windows knows, it has an extremely annoying tendency to tell you that it needs to restart after downloading updates and then displays a progress bar till it restarts, or you can click Restart Later. If you click Later, Windows decides that it needs to tell you again in fifteen minutes that it needs to restart as if we have forgot about its reluctant need to deliver you the latest updates. It REALLY becomes annoying when you are working on something and step away for more then five minutes only to come back and realize that your computer has restarted itself for “important updates” and has lost all the work you were doing (if you forget to save, which is another topic!)

Anyway, I was faced with that problem today on both my laptop and desktop, and found a nifty little solution. All you have to do is the following steps and it will leave you alone! It will still download them, and the next time you decide to restart your computer it will install them… humm, what a novel concept!?!

To use the command line:
1. Go to Start->Run.
2. Now, type in “net stop wuauserv” without quotes and hit Enter.


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