Beach Retreat Graphic

Posted: May 22, 2008 in Graphic Design
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Hey, I actually forgot to post this image (I made it a few weeks ago). Most everyone at ONEWAY has seen it by now, its the 08 Beach Retreat Poster. I created everything from scratch for it in Photoshop, at like 2am one morning when I couldn’t sleep. For the waves I made shapes and then changed the colors of each one to make the depth effect. For the 08 with pictures I first just put all the pictures together in one big rectangle, then made an 08 as a text layer and used it as the layer mask (basically a cookie cutter). First time I had done this so it took a little while to figure out. For the sun rays at the bottom I did a radial gradient change and then used the masking effect again to cut out the rays. I also used a linear gradient change to achieve the day time to night time sky effect from bottom to top. The tree is from istockphoto, I took it and changed the colors and cut it out a little for this image.

Beach Retreat Poster


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