Got a Dream?

Posted: May 21, 2008 in Misc.
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I’ve been focused on dreams, ambitions and goals a lot recently. Maybe it’s because I have been exploring my personal ones and what I need to do to pursue them (See my earlier Post)

In that I have started liking the writings of Keith Ferrazzi. He wrote the book “Never Eat Alone” which I plan to purchase in the next few days about networking every chance you get and how to do it effectively. Networking is something I really enjoy, making connections with people from all types of organizations.

Anyway, I read one of his short articles entitled “Got a Dream: Here’s how to make it happen” from none other than Readers Digest. Here is a brief summary of some of his main points.

Ask yourself two questions: What would I truly regret if I did not achieve it? and What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

” Don’t be afraid to dream big — or small. And don’t let others define your success.”

Focus: What do you really want?

Three Steps to Achieve your Dreams

Get of of your own way!
Everyone has a habit (addiction) that is dragging them down. Procrastination, Being Defensive or refusing to accept responsibility for their mistakes. Conflict Avoidance was Keiths major one, and I must say it is pretty big in mine as well. Growing up you learn to give people what they want, but don’t learn to ask what you want for yourself. This may be saying no to something or telling someone they are doing a poor job for the benefit of the team. (This could and will be an entire post in the coming weeks). Also, identifying your strengths are as important as naming your weaknesses.

There are few things that will make you feel as bad as blowing an opportunity because of a self-defeating behavior. Conversely, few things will make you feel as good — and will gain you the respect of others — as identifying and overcoming one of them.

Help Others, Help Yourself!
Establish a “Dream Team” for yourself. This is a group of about five people who care enough about you to be ruthlessly honest about your self destructing behaviors. Listen to there advice and critiques.

Milestones: Plan It
Choose one of your goals and ask yourself what you need to do in the next 60 days to feel that you are on your way to success. Then determine the milestones and check your progress at checkpoints. Talk with your “dream team” weekly at the beginning and then as you gain confidence extend the time between checkups. Every three to six months reassess your goals and rethink your plan.

“Don’t ever look back and wonder ‘what if.’ You’ve got a dream, right? And now you’ve got the plan, so what are you waiting for?”


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