Unlocking Creativity

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Misc.
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Sometimes I will be riding in the car thinking about nothing more than where I’m going to stop and get gas when an Idea will hit me, sometimes it’s a video idea, sometimes it’s a new way to do things, sometimes its just something cool that I would one day like to do. On the other hand, when I need to come up with an idea, say for an intro to the football team coming out, I can sit and stare at a blank Adobe Premier Pro screen for hours on end and have absolutely no ideas.

So what triggers my creativity? What do I do to get my ideas flowing? There are several things I have read and tried and a few seem to work really well! These may not, and probably will not work for all, but for me they tend to!

Love What You Do!
Number One: If you love what you are doing creativity should be no problem! I wouldn’t go out and try to be creative about what type of recipes McDonald’s customers might find appetizing… because I don’t love it! However, ask me what would make a good lighting scheme for a concert, or what type of video I could make to go on the Jumbo Screens to introduce the players and I could dream, think and brainstorm for hours on end!

Know What You Do!
You can’t really be creative and come up with ideas on stuff that you don’t know. For instance, if I was to sit here and try and develop an idea on what would be a great piece of music to compose for the next Easter Program… Well I would be sitting a REALLY long time. Always be a learner! I am constantly watching videos from other college athletic programs to see what type of effects they are implementing. I’ll also watch other churches videos from their IMAG feeds to see what type of shots they are using. Of course I am always reading up on tutorials and training books on how to better technically produce the ideas that I have.

Create an Environment
People think (create) best in all types of atmospheres. My favorite is a dimly lite room with either music or the television on. Usually I pace back and forth throwing something like a ball up and down just talking about ideas aloud, to myself. When I have some of an Idea I’ll close my eyes and visualize it. Usually I’ll use some type of hand gestures as I’m visualizing it.

Schedule It
I am not the best at practicing this, but when I do it really helps! Set a block of time every single day that you simply go to the environment you created above.. and think! Maybe it is something particular you are thinking about, maybe it is just a random bunch of thoughts that come to your mind. Have a book or two that will entertain you to read which can help jog your creative processes.

Keep a Notepad
There are tons of ideas that I have had while driving, lying in bed, eating etc, and by the time that I get somewhere to write it down I have forgotten it! So I try and keep a small notepad that I’ll write down anything that comes to mind. These may or may not be about a current thing I’m working on. Maybe it’s an idea for a video I’d like to make in the future? Maybe on how I can better produce a live show.

Bounce Ideas
A lot of times if I’m really stuck I’ll get together with a group of people, maybe over a dinner. We will just start throwing around ideas… most are pretty outrageous but we elaborate and grow on those ideas. A lot of great things have come from these. We’ll start out with something that would be next to impossible to accomplish with the financial and time concerns, but somehow we come up with ways to get it done in a little bit different manner.

Stop thinking about it!
If I’m stuck on a video and can’t figure out what effect, clip or song will work I simply stop thinking about it! I generally will start watching some television, read a book etc. Yeah, in the back of my mind it is still processing and generally something good pops up basically out of now where!

Change It Up
Sometimes if I’ve tried all of the above I’ll just move on. Maybe I’ll go to the store or go see a movie. A change in scenery and seeing new things can really trigger the creative process.

These are just a few of the processes and tips I use on a daily basis when I get stuck on an idea. I’ll write down any more I come up with as life goes on. Once again, these may not work for everyone.

What type of things stir your creativity?


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