Classes and “The Future”

Posted: May 13, 2008 in Misc.
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We started classes this week for summer semester. I think I am really going to enjoy them (For the First Time!). I have Organizational Behavior, International Business, Marketing, Finance and Economics (Ok, I won’t enjoy Econ to much). Org. Behavior will be my favorite I believe, it is all about leading people, motivating people etc. I actually kind of like summer classes as well. There are not nearly as many people and the classes feel a little more laid back. Also, I kind of like the longer periods. Anyway, for Organizational Behavior we had to write a Biography that would appear in Fortune Magazine or the Wall Street Journal fifteen years from now about us. It is suppose to be what you would like to be doing and how you got there. I made mine really over the top so I figured I would post it…. This is tentative of course 🙂

Blake Adams, Senior Vice President of the Disney Theme Park Division, is one of the most successful and innovative Directors to grace the ranks of Disney since Walt himself. Starting out a little over twenty years ago creating videos for a local church in North Georgia, he never imagined that he would be where he is today “I had no idea that one day I would be working for Disney, yeah I dreamed of it, all kids dream about it, but it was only a dream at that point. However in the words of Walt Himself, A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes!” he says. Blake attended college at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he majored in Business Management. While at Tech he was on the video staff for the Colleges Athletic Association where he quickly gained notability throughout the college football world with his award winning videos. After college Blake went to work full time as Video Coordinator for the (Insert Major College) Athletics where he was voted Video Coordinator of the year on both Regional and National levels four years in a row “It was a lot of work, and not always fun, but it’s my passion! I love seeing peoples’ faces light up when they see something breathtaking, inspiring, something they will remember for a lifetime!”

Six years ago Blake joined the management team at Disney as Director of Live Entertainment for Walt Disney. He quickly gained attention from top executives with his theatrical innovations that helped to further increase the notability and success of shows at Disney Theme Parks around the world, as well as several award winning Broadway Productions. It was a little over two years ago that CEO Bob Iger brought Blake into Senior Management, “We have seen an explosion of growth in the theme park division at Disney not only in profits, but most of all in customer satisfaction and enjoyment!” says Mr. Iger, current CEO at Disney. Blake has no plans of slowing down with several projects in the works but still closely guarded in the vaults of Disney. Somehow, amidst all his time at Disney, Blake still manages to volunteer as Director of Video at his local church and spend plenty of quality time with his wife and two kids. “It was a dream, it is a dream, and it will always be a dream to work for Disney. I love what I do and I know that God has blessed me with skills and talents that I am continuously discovering. It is my Passion”. What is next for Blake? Well, Mr. Iger is only two years away from retirement….

  1. Sandy Martin says:

    WOW! I am SO impressed. You are the bomb Blake and I’m sure we really will be reading articles of this magnitude about you in the future. Miss seeing you. Good luck with summer classes. Hugs!

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