SAVVY Award!

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video

So guess what! My boss (Georgia Tech Athletic Video Director) calls me today from St. Louis. He is out there at the National Collegiate Sports Video Association Annual Conference (this is where all the video directors from all the division one and two colleges in the nation meet). He submitted the video I created for recruiting this year as our “highlight” video. It is in the top five right now and is being voted on for the SAVVY Award! Out of over 50 entries from Division I and Division II football programs ours is in the top five! (The rest of the top five are LSU, Clemson, Oregon and Appalachian State). All the Directors will vote this week and select the top three! He has had a lot of the Video Directors from other colleges come up and ask how I did some of the effects and he called me today so I could tell him and then in turn he could tell them!! Heres the link to the Savvy Awards Site:


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