Last night was our last filming night of Aida at the Georgia Mountain Civic Center for Lakeview Academy. It was another great job by them as everything I have seen presented by Lakeview has been. Filming went great, we got some very cool shots and half fades in there!! The best part is we were able to strike the equipment and be driving off from the location in less than 45 minutes!! That is completely un-taping all of the cables, rolling XLR’s and S-Videos, unplugging and organizing all the control booth equipment and packing it all! That is one of our best strikes thus far! Just imagine, something that took us four hours to set up down in 45 minutes! Wow!
So now I am editing the footage. I have over eight hours of video footage since we recorded a Master and a Wide shot for each night. I’m going to use primarily night two of the play for my master DVD, but I will have to pull a couple of scenes from night one as their mics were not on for one scene on night two. I am also going to give the Director of the Show a copy of just the wide shot of the Master. I am then going to put it on a fully menued DVD and have it to her by 12:15 tomorrow! Wow, that is one of my fastest turn around times ever! Well, better get to work! Pictures to be up soon!


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