We started our filming of the Aida play last night for Lakeview Academy. (We’re filming again tomorrow night as well). It went fairly well. I got there about 12:00 and began running cables, I got most of the cables ran by about 1:15 when Taneshia arrived to start helping out. We had everything up and running by about 4:00. I’ll try to snap some pictures and post them of the set-up tomorrow. We’re running three cameras and a video switcher which is feeding Adobe Onlocation CS3 on my desktop as well as a back up DV Recorder. I am also splitting the wide camera feed from the rear wide camera into another Adobe OnLocation CS3 running on my laptop so I can have the entire wide shot feed for the show so I can cover any mistakes in filming by editing it in (great thing to do!!). For audio I am taking two feeds out of their board. I have vocals running from their board on sub 1 and am feeding it into mine on the left channel. I am taking the music from theirs and sending it out sub 2 then feeding it into mine on the right channel. I am then adjusting audio individually throughout the play, however I have the ability to go back in editing and re-adjust the levels (another important thing!!). I am looking forward to the quality of this production! So far it is looking pretty good. There are a few things we will work on tomorrow night, which is why we film it two nights. Night one is mainly a practice so we become familiar with the show, however I will use scenes from it if I like them better. My crew for this one is Camera 1- Taneshia, Camera 2- Blake Jr. and Script Supervisor- Emily. They are doing a great job! We pulled in some fantastic half fades during some solos and duets!! Unfortunately I will not be able to post any video from it as we are recording for Archive purposes only (it’s illegal to distribute it).

Their cast and crew are fantastic as well! A few of their main characters could easily go on to work on Broadway (I believe one is going to be going to school for it). Their lighting director and operators are wonderful as well! It looks great! I will try to post some screen shots of the video later on as well. This is a very professional production by them! Last year they did Beauty and the Beast and it completely beat out the one on Broadway (which I’ve seen several times)

Look for pictures on Sunday of the Video Control Setup!

  1. david says:

    Thanks for the great Advice 🙂

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