I have posted two videos from last Wednesday night’s High School ONEWAY Service. It is Mighty to Save and Healer. I am trying to make a “training” video where I am going to talk over some of the shots and what can be done differently to make it even better. A few things to watch out for are Head Room, Framing, Zooms and getting to the shot. I know that in the beginning of Might to Save both Camera 1 and 2 where on shots of Eric when Paul began singing, and stayed on Eric for about five seconds. If you are not on the screen and hear someone singing or a solo instrument, get to them as soon as possible so we are not stuck on a shot of the Guitar while someone is singing. Also, listen to the director is extremely important. There were several instances where I would ask camera one or camera two to do something like iris or zoom etc. and it would take three or four seconds and me asking repeatedly for it to happen. Make sure to listen always so when you hear “Camera One, Iris Down” you iris down ;). All in all though, great job everyone! Thank you!

So here are the videos:

Mighty to Save



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