Event One– Done

Posted: April 25, 2008 in Misc.

I just got back from the AASU Fashion Show which Adams Studios filmed and put on the jumbo screens. It was a BLAST! Probably one of the best times I have had filming in the past year or so (Fun wise, not necessarily creative wise). We had tons of fun on the headphones chatting it up the whole show. It looked really good as well!! I was very happy with the final product. And… we got tons of more potential business! I gave out several business cards tonight to prospective clients and we sold quite a few DVD’s! Everyone was extremely happy with the Final Product as well! I got there about 1:00 today to begin setting up. I was done wiring by about 3:45. Taneshia showed up about 1:30 to begin helping. We then watched the rehearsal. Emily showed up about 5:15. We then went over and ate at the Varsity where Blake Jr. met us, then on a short tour of the Football Video Office to show off the new ones to everyone, then back to the theater for the 8:00 show. It lasted till about 10:30 and we we’re completely packed up and pulling out by 10:55! WOW! We struck the equipment fast this time! I’ll try to post some pics of the show later on….

So for now we are done, until Monday when I start preparing for the play at Lakeview next weekend!

Thank you to everyone who helped!!!
Emily, Blake Jr and Taneshia! (And Mom and Mrs. Pam for driving them down)

Looking forward to next time!


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