Spring Practice (Regular) Done!!!!

Posted: April 16, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video, Misc., Video
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We finished Spring Practice today (except for the Spring Game on Saturday), Finally!!! What a change in weather from Monday! On Monday we all froze to death, the wind was crazy, the temperature was 42 but it felt like 35! Then today I carried all of my winter gear expecting another day like that, however it was over 74 degrees! I was in shorts and a t-shirt! Not that I was complaining. Anyway, the offense is looking better, not great but better.

Oh, I finally got my old (ok, by old I mean about 2 years, I used it before I got my new desktop in September, it is actually pretty good still) back working. It died on me last year after One Passion and I hadn’t had a lot of time to look at it. So yesterday and today I did just that. I re-built it from the ground up, pulled out the motherboard and hard drives and re wired it to make sure everything was plugged in nice and tight. Now it works really well! I’m going to use it as a production computer to carry places that I do live video. (Two major events coming up soon!) Alright, that’s all for now!



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