2.5 Baseball Games and Football Practice!

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video, Video
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I am officially exhausted after this weekend! Saturday morning I had to be at the stadium at 8:30am for Spring Practice #12. It lasted till 12:30. Then I worked a baseball game over at Russ Chandler Stadium running camera for the Jumbo Screen. I ran the Center Field Camera which was quite fun, though really tiring. I actually went to the first game of the double header as well and helped Andy set up the equipment (we didn’t do live video for it since it was a very last minute game). Anyway, I got there at 3:00 and didn’t leave until 10:45. So in other words, an entire day of standing behind a camera. Granted I believe that we have more fun on headphones (our communication system between all the crew members during the game), listening to music, listening to television (baseball is boring in the production truck), and making many many jokes!!! Then I worked another baseball game today, this time the first base camera. I got there at 10:30 this morning and left at 5:00 this afternoon. It was also a lot of fun, though really tiring. The most fun we had was during the sixth and seventh innings. Bob (the camera op running home base camera), showed a girl on the jumbo screen who refused to move her hands from in front of her face, we then cut to another audience shot and when she put her hands down thinking she was free we cut back to her on the big screen. She got a little angry so we cut away from her again… Only to put her up right after that again!!! LOL. We continued on this path for a few times then went back to filming the game. At the end of the inning we started again, this time we pointed all three cameras at her and kept cutting between them at random points, till you could tell she was getting really irritated, then we stopped. Apparently they made someone get up and walk off last week (I wasn’t there). So, there is a look inside the Jumbo Screen and what is going on with the crew LOL. If the audience only knew what was going on HAHA (I’m not giving it all up).

So anyway, a really busy weekend, and I’m ready for a break! Oh wait, school and football tomorrow and all this week! Oh Well… I love it 🙂


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