THIS is an LED Screen!

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Event Production, Lighting, Misc., Video
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I came across this tonight as I was looking at some Lighting Techniques and just searching Youtube for some cool concert lighting schemes. This is a little Old (2005), but it’s U2’s Concert. These screens are HUGE! They are divided into seven different “colunms” of LED lights that can raise or lower throughout the concert creating different staging enviornments. Heres a little excerpt from a magazine article about it

The confetti cannon takes me by surprise as U2 opens the concert with “City of Blinding Lights”: glitzy, glittering, emotive kitsch. This glorious falling cloud is designer radar chaff, die-cut metallic PVC film. I pick some up, feeling like a rube at Roswell. The red rectangle is textured, the golden disc smooth, mirrored. Someone’s worked these reflective differences out to get just this effect under exactly these lights. More crucial, though, the Vegas confetti storm is a bridge, a liminal device for the audience; we’re over that threshold now, into the show.

The confetti serves as an opening act for the 12,000 individual spheres of the LED backdrop: daisy-chained pixel units that have unreeled from above while the chaff storm distracted us. Hanging behind and to either side of the band, these seven curtains can be retracted and lowered as needed, throughout the performance. They have a soft, slightly slinky, nicely organic look as they descend, the individual strands suggesting the bioluminescence of deep-sea fish. Fully extended, though, they do a fine imitation of Shinjuku on speed, and the lighting design for “City of Blinding Lights” takes advantage of that. Combined with the concentric LED rings of the target-motif stage and the ovoid light swoopings of the Ellipse, the visual effect manages to be far more that the sum of its parts.—– Wired Magazine “

From what I have read, U2 is one of the most Technologically advanced touring groups (at least in 2005).

So, here is the first one, the one talked about in the article “City of Blinding Lights”
Look at :47 seconds, 1:00, 1:11, 1:32 1:39 etc. for great shots of this screen

And the Second, Vertigo.. Some more Great uses of the Screen!

I want to run this baby!
Got any cool concerts you’ve been too (technology wise?), got some links to some? Post them, I want to see them!


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