Top 5 Scariest Moments!

Posted: April 4, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video, Misc.
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Friday, April 04 2008
Spring Practice #7

Atlanta Weather- Spring Practice

Today was practice #7 for Spring. Rain was in the forecast. Before heading outside we checked the weather. Tornado Watch in the area, severe thunderstorm warnings… We go out anyway. It was warm and partly cloudy when we get out to practice and I thought, hey this won’t be to bad. Oh was I wrong! About an hour into practice clouds start rolling in and it begins to sprinkle a little. I hear a little thunder and look over, some lighting in the distance. Then Matt (another vidographer in the lift with me) and myself both felt a crazy sensation, our hair was standing on end and it felt like wind was gusting through it. Then a huge lighting bolt hit in the downtown area (not far from us), and we are stuck on a metal lift 40′ in the air! It had to be one of the scariest moments I’ve had! The worst part is that no one else saw or felt it, so they kept on with Practice which means we have to stay up!!! Then the rain came and when I say rain, I mean rain!!! It was almost like Hail! And we practiced through it!! So anyway, not of of my favorite moments in Georgia Tech Football!!!

And its suppose to be the same way tomorrow!! But we will be in the stadium, so at least not on a 40′ lift!


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