Looking Back–

Posted: April 4, 2008 in Church Videos, Misc.
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I’ve been posting a lot of old ONEWAY videos on Youtube that I have produced over the years. Wow, we’ve done a lot…. and came a long way!! In the six years I have been with ONEWAY we have grown from a Youth Group averaging around 30, meeting in a small house using an old school projector for lyrics, to over 170 regular members meeting in a large facitlity with IMaG, Lighting, a Cafe, Game Room and tons more!

Anyway, as I was posting videos I came across the Friends Video. This is the very first “true” video (by true video I mean something other than the Casey and J shows for those of you that have been there long enough to remember those) So… this is the first video I used an editing software for, good ole Windows Movie Maker. It took us over 7 hours to film this video, and me about the same amount of time to edit it. If you watch it side by side with the original friends intro it is nearly identical from the editing to the camera angles to the actors facial expressions! It was a whole lot of fun creating though! It was used to promote and introduce our Friends Series. So, from way back in the Summer of 04′, here it is…. Friends


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