The Future of Video Church?

Posted: April 3, 2008 in Church Production, Church Videos, Misc.

This is an interesting, and very cool!!, system that Cisco is working on. It basically produces a holographic image of a speaker(s) that appear on stage and are 3-D, walking around on stage etc. This could be HUGE for every kind of media related tasks. Imagine Pastor doing a Live On-Location sermon from Isreal and he is walking around on the stage in 3-D with his background in 3-D. Not only could this be used in the church, but imagine at home! The news caster standing in your living room giving the news…. ok, this could be a little errie as well. But it definetely has huge potential, and as you can see it is already becoming a reality! Check out this video for more information

  1. Dude, I like your mind.
    You are the only person I have ever found that has at least used the word hologram in the same sentence at church. I have dreamed about this for years.
    I’ve blogged some on this.
    I will be back…

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