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I have posted two videos from last Wednesday night’s High School ONEWAY Service. It is Mighty to Save and Healer. I am trying to make a “training” video where I am going to talk over some of the shots and what can be done differently to make it even better. A few things to watch out for are Head Room, Framing, Zooms and getting to the shot. I know that in the beginning of Might to Save both Camera 1 and 2 where on shots of Eric when Paul began singing, and stayed on Eric for about five seconds. If you are not on the screen and hear someone singing or a solo instrument, get to them as soon as possible so we are not stuck on a shot of the Guitar while someone is singing. Also, listen to the director is extremely important. There were several instances where I would ask camera one or camera two to do something like iris or zoom etc. and it would take three or four seconds and me asking repeatedly for it to happen. Make sure to listen always so when you hear “Camera One, Iris Down” you iris down ;). All in all though, great job everyone! Thank you!

So here are the videos:

Mighty to Save



Event One– Done

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I just got back from the AASU Fashion Show which Adams Studios filmed and put on the jumbo screens. It was a BLAST! Probably one of the best times I have had filming in the past year or so (Fun wise, not necessarily creative wise). We had tons of fun on the headphones chatting it up the whole show. It looked really good as well!! I was very happy with the final product. And… we got tons of more potential business! I gave out several business cards tonight to prospective clients and we sold quite a few DVD’s! Everyone was extremely happy with the Final Product as well! I got there about 1:00 today to begin setting up. I was done wiring by about 3:45. Taneshia showed up about 1:30 to begin helping. We then watched the rehearsal. Emily showed up about 5:15. We then went over and ate at the Varsity where Blake Jr. met us, then on a short tour of the Football Video Office to show off the new ones to everyone, then back to the theater for the 8:00 show. It lasted till about 10:30 and we we’re completely packed up and pulling out by 10:55! WOW! We struck the equipment fast this time! I’ll try to post some pics of the show later on….

So for now we are done, until Monday when I start preparing for the play at Lakeview next weekend!

Thank you to everyone who helped!!!
Emily, Blake Jr and Taneshia! (And Mom and Mrs. Pam for driving them down)

Looking forward to next time!

Adams Studios has a lot of work coming up! I’m producing a Fashion Show tomorrow night at the Ferst Theater on the Georgia Tech campus. We’re doing Live Video on a large cyc screen along with several graphical elements for the background. It should be pretty good. We’re running three cameras, two in front of the stage and one roaming up next to the stage. DVD’s are on sale if you want one by the way 😉

Next week we’re producing a play for Lakeview Academy on Thursday and Saturday. We’ll be using three cameras at that as well though it is only for archive footage for the school (So No DVD’s). It is Aida from Disney. I’ve never seen it before so I’m looking forward to it!

So anyway, a whole lot of work coming up over the next couple of weeks! I hope everything pulls off as well as I’m planning it to!! I’ll try to snap some pictures to put on here.

Have you ever wondered where all of those television spots advertising up coming shows, whats next and intros to shows like ESPN Gameday, the news and tons more come from? This is the company that makes tons of those happen. They create branding and design for some huge companies including the NFL, ESPN, ESPN Gameday, ABC, Fox, Tru TV, The CW, E!, HGTV, Comedy Central, VH1 and many more! The stuff they do is like the lead-ins to shows (the animated intros), commercials about the station highlighting what movies and shows they show on there. Upcoming movies. And those bumpers in between shows like “Coming Up Next”. Pretty cool stuff. Their recent project included over 1000 video spots for the Starz network. WOW!


Our Chaplin Derrick Moore was on the TV Land show The Big 4-0. He was the first Episode!! He did a game against current Tech Athletes versus his old team members on the Detroit Lions for his 40th birthday. It is pretty cool. Check it out at

Cool Video Idea

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This is a really cool video I came across. It really caught me by surprise half way through it. Watch the text and listen to her talking. Not to give it away but it changes half way through and reverses. Same words, but they are read in reverse order. Really Cool

Hillsong Conference in 2007. This screen is HUGE. It’s wide! Really wide! I don’t know how they got the video to fit on there without distorting it. Maybe they are letter boxing the top and bottom? I don’t know but it is awesome!

We finished Spring Practice today (except for the Spring Game on Saturday), Finally!!! What a change in weather from Monday! On Monday we all froze to death, the wind was crazy, the temperature was 42 but it felt like 35! Then today I carried all of my winter gear expecting another day like that, however it was over 74 degrees! I was in shorts and a t-shirt! Not that I was complaining. Anyway, the offense is looking better, not great but better.

Oh, I finally got my old (ok, by old I mean about 2 years, I used it before I got my new desktop in September, it is actually pretty good still) back working. It died on me last year after One Passion and I hadn’t had a lot of time to look at it. So yesterday and today I did just that. I re-built it from the ground up, pulled out the motherboard and hard drives and re wired it to make sure everything was plugged in nice and tight. Now it works really well! I’m going to use it as a production computer to carry places that I do live video. (Two major events coming up soon!) Alright, that’s all for now!