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Posted: March 24, 2008 in Church Production, Georgia Tech Video, Misc.
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Spring Break–Easter–Football

So I realize it has been a week since my last post. Sorry guys :). I had Spring Break off of school this past week and spent about 90% of it at the church working on Easter Service. I was the lighting director for the service, and it (the service) was amazing! I had some hesitations at first, however after seeing it all come together I really enjoyed it. I heard several great comments about it as well. I got a few pictures of it, however for some reason my camera is being stupid and won’t let me get them on my computer!?! So here is a brief synopsis of the service.
Countdown into a Video. 5 Second Countdown at end of video. At the end of the countdown, the lights go black and spots hit the audience where Choir members are scattered around the whole audience. They begin singing “My Saviour Lives” they sing it three times through in the auidence, then the whole band comes in and the choir goes to the stage. Really Cool!. After that we had Jesus Paid It All with a background video timed to the words. We also did a live painting of the cross on stage during “The Power of The Cross”. It was really great, the lighting looked awesome as well ;). I’ll try to get some video up later in the week. All in all, it was a great service, very enjoyable, and I really look forward to working more with services later!!

On to Football…..
Yeah, it started today :)…:( lol. I can’t decide which emotion I am having about it. I enjoy having something to do, but I’m really going to miss helping out at the church as much as I have been. Also… it was FREEZING! (Cue Picture) The wind was blowing like crazy, in addition to my camera back focus being messed up and the battery dieing near the end of practice and you get one of the most miserable practices I’ve ever had! I think its suppose to be back up to 70 degrees by our next practice Wednesday… I’m praying so!!!

Me Freezing


Also, we finally got our new offices done at the stadium! They look amazing, and very professional. We have three offices, a kitchen, three editing stations, a taping room, audio room and storage! Every office has a plasma tv with surround sound!!! So here are a few pics..

Editing Office
Editing Office

Todd’s Football Editing Office
Todd’s Office

Well, that is all for now! Keep checking back for more!!


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