Creative Chaos- Communion

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Church Production, Service Production

This is a reply to Carols’ blog, he is the Service Production Director over at Buckhead Church in Atlanta. He and his amazing team do some awesome stuff, so check it out at He has started a blog post on Thursday were everyone posts creative stuff they have done over the past week, some great stuff presented so far.

So here is our Creative Chaos for this week:
Communion old style.
This week to get ready for our Easter Service next week, Pastor Scott preached about The Passover and Communion. As everyone came into the sanctuary (This is A Youth Group, about 160 attenders), there were tables set up, but set up on the floor like they would have been at The Last Supper. Everyone sat around these tables (we tried to have twelve per table), and at their table there were loaves of bread and a cup of grape juice. We opened with a video showing Christ’s Communion and giving a brief overview of what it was. Then the lights came up on stage and Pastor Scott was on stage with a table like the Youth and he began to tell everyone what exactly a communion was.This was a really great way to illustrate the Last Supper and exactly what we are partaking of when they pass around those plates of bread and cups of juice every first Sunday. I believe it also helped everyone connect to it better with them being seated around a table than if we would have just passed out the elements.

This is a HUGE change from our normal, upbeat services. We usually do fast songs, live video, lighting, audio etc. But this was a welcome change, though I think everyone’s rear ends were hurting a tad after sitting on the floor LOL.

Check some of our videos at

-Blake Adams

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Love the idea. I think it’s going to go well. I just found your blog and love it.

  2. Really like this idea…

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