Eric (The Torch Worship Pastor) did the sermon at ONEWAY tonight. He did it, obviously, about You Can Do It. About using your talent to make a success of yourself. It actually went along very well with a book I’m reading right now, “Talent is Never Enough” by John C. Maxwell (Which by the way is a wonderful book you should definitely check out!). A lot of it was about everyone having Talent, which is absolutely true, and about using it to its fullest potential. Which inevitable involves your character. You can’t create the most of yourself by relying solely on your Talent to keep you afloat and carry you through life, but about developing your character to assist and drive that Talent. I’ll give some experts from the book I’m reading right now when I finish it. Here are the Key Points to the book, I’ll exagerate each one later on.
1. Belief Lifts Your Talent
2. Passion Energizes Your Talent
3. Initiative Activates Your Talent
4. Focus Directs Your Talent
5.Preperation Positions Your Talent
6. Practice Sharpens Your Talent
7. Perseverance Sustains Your Talent
8. Courage Tests Your Talent
9. Teachability Expands Your Talent
10. Character Protetcts Your Talent**
11. Relationships Influence Your Talent
12. Responsibility Strengthens Your Talent
13. Teamwork Multiplies Your Talent

Thanks to everyone in Production who made tonight possible! (Haleigh, Taneshia, Daniel, Thomas, Kimberly, Alex, Jim and Ricky) You are all a HUGE blessing to my life and the ONEWAY Media Ministry. You all have amazing talents that I believe God will continue to develop and expand so that you can more effectively use them for Him!
Thank you!


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