Double Play = Hard to Film!

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Georgia Tech Video

Hey Everyone. I ran a camera today for Georgia Tech Baseball for the first time ever! It was for the Jumbo Screen. I did the hardest camera position, which probably wasn’t the best case scenario for the first time, but oh well :). I ran the camera high and behind Home Plate. It was my job to film the plays as the happened, which means following the ball from the pitcher to the batter, if he hits it follow it to the person who catches it or field it, then follow it to the bag when they throw it, all while not missing anything because my camera is on the big screen and in replay… which means that they will be playing it again in about ten seconds. It isn’t to bad for pop ups to the outfield because you can see where it is going and get the guy catching it, and he doesn’t have to throw it to the plate. However… when it is hit infield to the short-stop, they then fire it to second base, who in turn turns around and fires it to first base.. all in the matter of about 3 seconds from the time it hits the bat till the time it ends, it gets a little crazy. I spent most of those plays looking at the field and yanking the camera around hoping that I was hitting the players, which for the most part I was… thank goodness.
So lessons learned:
1) Study the sport your about to film. It made it easier when I knew a little about it, like in this case they will throw it to first base, second base, home etc. that way you know where to “anticipate” the throw will go, which makes it much easier.
2) Baseball is LONG and a lot of times a little boring.
3) Don’t zoom in to far when following plays because you’ll just see a lot of motion blur!
4) Watch your Talley light so you know when you’re on. Sometimes the director may forget to tell you….
5) I love Video 🙂
We did win, 4-1. We were afraid that it was going to be rained out, about an hour before the game it game a HUGE downpour, then it cleared up and became one of the clearest days we’ve had in a while… weird. We played a lot of Christian songs on the Loud Speakers, which was MUCH different than Football.
It’s always fun to try something new! Hopefully I’ll be doing more soon.

GT Baseball
  1. Taneshia says:

    Isn’t it weird how the weather is, it’s raining one second and sunny the next…hey just think that was how graduation was like.

  2. Thomas says:

    baseball aint boring ome on

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