The Little Mermaid on Broadway

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Misc.

I downloaded the Soundtrack to The Little Mermaid on Broadway today. And I must say it is one of Alan Menkens best works. I am really wanting to see the play on Broadway asap! From the music, as well as what I’ve read about it, the show is suppose to be spectacular! I’ve heard the Production elements are absolutely top notch. The storm where Prince Eric almost “drowns” has wonderful reviews, as well as Airels transformation. If it’s anything like Beauty and the Beast everyone is in for a treat!! (Though I will admit the last time I saw it on Broadway I was a little disappointed… The singing was not the best I’ve heard. However, it was four days before their final show on Broadway ever, so I’ll give them a little slack.) The Broadway version of Little Mermaid has numerous new songs that were written just for it, so if you haven’t yet purchased it, head over to Itunes and get it. It’s only $7.99 for the whole album! (29 Tracks) which is an amazing bargen! The ursuala is a HUGE change from the ursuala in the movie. I don’t think I like it quite as much as the original, but maybe after I see the play it will grow on me!?!

Little Mermaid


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