Where the “Magic” happens

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Church Production, Church Videos, Georgia Tech Video, Misc., Service Production

So tonight as I sat editing the 5B4 for next week, I decided to snap a few pics and show everyone where all the Video, Graphic and Audio editing takes place for ONEWAY Films, Georgia Tech Films and Adams Studios Films. Also, a list of hardware and software I use at the bottom.
***Also, check this out, it is pretty cool http://www.isnichwahr.de/redirect_ext11541-.html***

My Editing Station

Me Editing

So. Some of my Editing Things (The listed things are the things that are on the desk right now, not counting numerous other video things)…

Custom Built Computer Specs
Intel Core 2 Extreme (4 Core at 3.00Ghz)
4.00 GB of Ram
3- 500GB Hard Drives on SATA for Storage
250 GB Hard Drive for OS
NVida GeForce 8800GTS Video Card
Lightscribe CD/DVD Burner
Several External Hard Drives

Bella Professional Series Avid Editing Keyboard

Avid Mojo

DV Deck for uploading video.

DVX-100A Camera for Some Filming and Uploading

Creative Labs 7.1 Surround Sound System (Awesome for Movies!)

Viewsonic 20″ HD Monitor

Westinghouse 20.1″ LCD Monitor


Avid Xpress Editing System

Adobe Create Suite for Most Editing
Premier Pro CS3
After Effects CS3
Photoshop CS3
Illustrator CS3
Bridge CS3

Sorenson Squeeze for Compression

And of Course— The FUEL to help me keep editing!

  1. Kimberly says:

    “Avid Custom Keyboard” is wrongly labeled.
    It should be labeled “keyboard that makes otherwise sane people go insane”

    it’s so confusing!

  2. Brooke Melton says:

    “Fuel” — love it! Lol.

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