Two Decades Old

Posted: February 23, 2008 in Misc.

Well, tomorrow (Sunday) is the big day! I’m turning 20! Wow, I’ve been alive for twenty years. That is quite a while. So as I sit here, I decided to create a list of the accomplishments over the past two decades (In no particular order)….

1. Accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour
2. Graduate High School, on-time and with above a 3.8GPA
3. Get into a good college
4. Use the Talents God has given me for Him (In Media)
5. Find great friends and mentors in a Christian Environment
6. Have a loving and caring family
7. Developed and Lead a growing Media Ministry
8. Abstinence
9. Live on my own. In a major city!!
10. Re-Discover what God has planned for my life (at least in part)
11. Be a mirror for Christ in my work and school settings (This can be hard!)
12. Start and Run my own Business
13. Travel to over 30 States and two countries
14. Fly more than either of my parents 🙂
15. Start a Blog 😉
16. I’m sure there are many more… But to spare you from having to read them, I will move on 🙂

Goals for the future.. (In no particular order)
1. Continue to grow in my relationship with Christ
2. Find the Job and Career God has created me for
3. Graduate College
4. Find the loving wife that God has created for me
5. Be able to support myself and my family financially
6. Have children
7. Support and Develop my children Spiritually
8. Continue to have a loving relationship with my family (Parents, Sister etc.)
9. Love the career I’m in and be using the talents and skills God has given me for Him!
10. Be serving either Full Time or Volunteer (A Lot) in a church media team
11. Travel (to name a few): Europe, Japan, Brazil, Egypt, Israel, All of the US
12. Be at least in fairly good physical shape
13. There are many, many more.
14. Go to heaven to be with my Lord, Saviour, Friend, Father and Creator

Hopefully that didn’t bore you to death, if you read it all 🙂
Thanks, and God Bless!

Blake Adams

  1. Sandy Martin says:

    I love reading your blog. WOW! 20 years old. Happy Birthday a couple of days early. I pray you have a WONDERFUL birthday weekend and I know God is going to bless you for all you do. Love ya!

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