So…. The green Katelyn wore blended in as much as I feared it would :(. So we are having to re-film it this week. She’s ok with it though, so it shouldn’t be a big deal! :). And this time she will know all the script so we can fly through it, although I may add a few more things in it for this version… We will see. (Sorry Katelyn :). I’m also going to be filming another video this weekend, if anyone knows any 15 yr old females who would want to be in a rather serious piece, with their mom as well, let me know!!! Also, if you know anyone at the DMV let me know as well. This piece I’m working on should be rather cool, it’s for the Sunday Night “Connects” to advertise them. Hopefully it will turn out well..

I did come across this church that uses projectors to make really cool designs on walls for church services, it is rather impressive and something that I may try out someday soon… Maybe the next big youth service?? Here are some pics of their work. These are all of the same church, just different things being projected.

#1- This is the most impressive in my opinion, they made a city scene. All the building you see are being projected via projectors.City Scene on Walls

#2- Earth Scenes

#3- Night Time Sky

#4- Names of God


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