Filming… Cool Ketchup and a Super Bowl

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Misc.

So this weekend was pretty cool and eventful. We did some funny filming on Saturday for another edition of the rules video which will be airing next Wednesday (Ladies Night). Then Saturday afternoon we went and watched Show me the Money or something along those lines, it was actually pretty good, I was surprised. Then we went to chick-fil-a where they had the most impressive commodities display I have ever seen! All the Ketchup, Mustard, Forks, Spoons etc. where very neatly arranged. That is a sign of a great resturaunt! Most fast food places you go just dump ketchup in a large bowl and you are afraid to place your hand in it.. But not here!!

The Ketchup at Chick-Fil-A

Today (Sunday), we filmed Katelyn’s part for the 5B4, and.. Sorry Katelyn :), but she wore Green.. when we we’re using a Green Screen! I told her like ten times Sunday morning, but she forgot!! Hopefully she won’t be a floating head during the 5B4 :). It’s ok Katelyn, we’ll forgive you.

Katelyn-With Green!

Tonight was the Super Bowl party, I didn’t stay for all of it so I could get back down here to study for an Accounting Test tomorrow!! For Connect before the party all the students had to split into groups, then they came up with short commercial ideas using a set of props we gave them, then we filmed them and showed them during the commercials of the super bowl. The group I had was by far the best!! But we didn’t win, the others got all their parents to cheer for them. Alright, back to studying!


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