Off the Porch

Posted: January 25, 2008 in Misc.

Tonight I had to go out to my car late and I looked off my porch at Atlanta. It looked great tonight! I have mixed feelings about Atlanta. I love it… but I miss home. I love having everything (material wise) I need within a 5 minute drive… Walmart, Target, Theaters, Grocery Stores, Clothes Stores, Ten Thousand Restaurants, Krispy Kreme… I love the lights at night from the city, that there is always something to do, someone new to meet, not realizing that your headlights are off at night because the abundance of street lights and city lights overpowers them anyway…… I miss being able to see the stars. The other night at home I pulled in and looked up!! WOW!! It had been a really long time since I had simply looked up at the stars! It looked like their were millions (Granted it is only physically possible to see around 4000 at any given time) but it was really a spectacular view. There are more things I miss, but its late :). So…..Heres the Picture off the Porch.

Off the Porch



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