Tonights Service

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Church Videos, Service Production

Tonights Service was GREAT! Every aspect! Paul, Eric and Brandon re-joined us for High School service, and wow! I had forgotten how much I love their music. Our house band for Middle School also sounded much better tonight! The media went off without any major hitches during service (the only one was the the DVD Recorder would not coporate!). We started out service with the 5B4, Scott came out and went over some announcements, then talked about Ladies Night. When he said Ladies Night though we hit the lights into a disco type setting, fired up “Ladies Night” song and had someone dance across the stage behind Scott. Once he danced all the way across the lights came back to normal and the music stopped, Scott went back to talking like nothing happened. It was great!! After announcements the band came out. We ran three cameras!! One on Stage. It was awesome! I loved Directing it!! The only problem is with our current system we don’t have the ability to layer lyrics over video, so we have to continuously switch back and forth between live video and lyrics with Media Shout. Hopefully that will change soon!!! I can’t wait for that day! I was planning on posting some of the live service tonight, but…. due to the DVD Recorder :(. I have attached a picture of my view of service, as well as this weeks 5B4. Comments welcome!

This is my view of service. During preaching I can see 6 Scott’s! You can only see 4 here because I couldn’t get far enough back to see the screens. For reference that is Camera 1 on the Top Corner of the Left Screen, camera 2 beside it, Scott LIVE on stage in the middle, what’s on the Big Screens on the Right. I LOVE IT!!

My View of Service

5B4 Video– Comments Welcome!


  1. Kimberly says:

    Service did go quite well tonight. All the new stuff is VERY exciting.
    Just because the DVD recorded broke, I’m gonna buy you a brand new one!

    Oh wait– I’m not. But I would. Maybe. If I had a job… and some cash.

    Yeah, I job. So when’s Adams Studios gonna be official?

  2. Kimberly says:

    Ok, I’m sorry. I just read over that , and I can’t type.
    It’s late and my brain is not functioning.

  3. Hey its Thomas loved the vid check out my blog

  4. Jessica says:

    Nice work! Blake once again your did a fantastic job!!

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