Editing the 5B4… And Others

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Church Videos

So, I’m a little behind this week editing due to Snow Days and Holidays… Which I am not complaining about at all! We filmed quite a bit today and yesterday, it seemed a camera was in my hand constantly! I think it all turned out fairly well. As I post this the footage is importing to my computer, so I am hearing Katelyn (Our 5B4 host) try to go through a paragraph, which I will admit was fairly hard, many many times! I think I just heard her try it the twelvth time. The actual Host part is probably the hardest to do because she has quite a few words, and her inflections are really key. The editing of it is also very time consuming due to Post work. Hey, make that fourteen ;). I’ll post the new 5B4 when it’s done tomorrow or Wednesday some time! I also have to work on the Man Upstairs Intro video, which is humerous but we also did A LOT of takes on it. We’ll see how it turns out. Hey… Make it eighteen times :). Ok, I’ll post later.


  1. Youth Pastor says:

    Hey, you are the best video guy I have ever seen!! But you do need to update this blog if you are going to have it. You are the man though. See you tomorrow for lunch

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