Snowed In Party -> Hang Out Party

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Misc.

So yesterday around 12:00 as the snow begin to fall and it looked like we may be in for a long night, my youth pastor put in to play the “Snowed In Party”. He invited all of us Youth Workers over, we brought Card Games, board games and chilli! The snow continued to fall and fall, however it didn’t begin to build and build! It had practically stopped snowing around 6, but by then the Snowed In Party was in full swing so we couldn’t leave! Also, around 8 we got a call from Pastor that early service and Sunday School had been cancelled. Initiate Phone Tree! All of us spent about thirty minutes calling and sending text messages to everyone in our contact list letting them know of this “dire” change of circumstances. We hung out till around midnight then went home and slept… til 9:00! Wow! On a Sunday Morning! Unheard of! It rocked though.

So, how was your snowed in day? Do anything fun/exciting?


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