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One of the many people’s blogs I read on a daily basis posted this great post today. It seriously brought chills to my body as I read it!! Not only is the sanctuary absolutely amazing! But this guy is seriously on fire for Christ, and that is awesome! He is the Service Production Director for Buckhead Church in Atlanta Georgia. Basically, take what I do at ONEWAY and multiply that by like 1000. He is over the Audio, Video, Lighting, On Stage Elements, Stage Design…. Everything that happens in service at Buckhead. And for a North Point Church, that is a lot!!! Check it out, and you should really read his blog if you aren’t already!
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How Far The Internet Has Come….

Posted: January 28, 2008 in Misc.

Wow! I came across a site that archives the internet. They have many of the sites that were around in 1996, 12 years ago. How far we have come! I am linking to then and now. Just check some of these out!

Pepsi (WOW!)
Then- Click Here
Now- Click Here

Best Buy
Then- Click Here
Now- Click Here

Then- Click Here
Now- Click Here

Then- Click Here
Now- Click Here

Then- Click Here
Now- Click Here

Wow, we have changed dramatically in 12 years. Just imagine what is to come!



Posted: January 26, 2008 in Misc.

Are you using Stumble? It is amazing! I came across it while browsing the MANY extensions of firefox browser the other day, which if you are not using…. well that’s another post. Anyway, Stumble. It is great! It is basically an extension for firefox where you tell it things you are interested in, then you just click the stumble button on your browser bar and it takes you to unique and interesting sites related to your interests. After a few days of using it, I have yet to come across a site I hate, and most I absolutely love and spend quite a while browsing. Here is a link to it. Also, in case you are wondering, here are my interests….

Animation, Chaos/Complexity, Graphic Design, Logic, Multimedia, Relationships, Video Equipment, Arts, Christianity, Internet, Medieval History, Photography, Science/Tech, Web Development, Bizarre, Computer Graphics, Live Theater, Movies, Quizzes, Television, Weblogs

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Off the Porch

Posted: January 25, 2008 in Misc.

Tonight I had to go out to my car late and I looked off my porch at Atlanta. It looked great tonight! I have mixed feelings about Atlanta. I love it… but I miss home. I love having everything (material wise) I need within a 5 minute drive… Walmart, Target, Theaters, Grocery Stores, Clothes Stores, Ten Thousand Restaurants, Krispy Kreme… I love the lights at night from the city, that there is always something to do, someone new to meet, not realizing that your headlights are off at night because the abundance of street lights and city lights overpowers them anyway…… I miss being able to see the stars. The other night at home I pulled in and looked up!! WOW!! It had been a really long time since I had simply looked up at the stars! It looked like their were millions (Granted it is only physically possible to see around 4000 at any given time) but it was really a spectacular view. There are more things I miss, but its late :). So…..Heres the Picture off the Porch.

Off the Porch


Tonights Service

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Church Videos, Service Production

Tonights Service was GREAT! Every aspect! Paul, Eric and Brandon re-joined us for High School service, and wow! I had forgotten how much I love their music. Our house band for Middle School also sounded much better tonight! The media went off without any major hitches during service (the only one was the the DVD Recorder would not coporate!). We started out service with the 5B4, Scott came out and went over some announcements, then talked about Ladies Night. When he said Ladies Night though we hit the lights into a disco type setting, fired up “Ladies Night” song and had someone dance across the stage behind Scott. Once he danced all the way across the lights came back to normal and the music stopped, Scott went back to talking like nothing happened. It was great!! After announcements the band came out. We ran three cameras!! One on Stage. It was awesome! I loved Directing it!! The only problem is with our current system we don’t have the ability to layer lyrics over video, so we have to continuously switch back and forth between live video and lyrics with Media Shout. Hopefully that will change soon!!! I can’t wait for that day! I was planning on posting some of the live service tonight, but…. due to the DVD Recorder :(. I have attached a picture of my view of service, as well as this weeks 5B4. Comments welcome!

This is my view of service. During preaching I can see 6 Scott’s! You can only see 4 here because I couldn’t get far enough back to see the screens. For reference that is Camera 1 on the Top Corner of the Left Screen, camera 2 beside it, Scott LIVE on stage in the middle, what’s on the Big Screens on the Right. I LOVE IT!!

My View of Service

5B4 Video– Comments Welcome!


Finished Editing!

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Church Videos

I finally finished the editing for The 5B4 and our Sermon Intro Video. I am very happy with the 5B4, though not to happy with the Sermon Video. We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll post a link to the 5B4 video tomorrow, can’t do it tonight since we are playing it tomorrow night it would ruin it for those of you who will be there! Here are some pics from filming and the final video. Katelyn is doing wonderful and really learning quickly, a few more weeks and it will be looking AWESOME! I am very excited!

Before and After Shots of Katelyn in Filming

Katelyn on The 5B4Katelyn Before Post

Katelyn on 5B4 2 Katelyn Before Post 2

Keep Watch for the Links Tomorrow!


Editing the 5B4… And Others

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Church Videos

So, I’m a little behind this week editing due to Snow Days and Holidays… Which I am not complaining about at all! We filmed quite a bit today and yesterday, it seemed a camera was in my hand constantly! I think it all turned out fairly well. As I post this the footage is importing to my computer, so I am hearing Katelyn (Our 5B4 host) try to go through a paragraph, which I will admit was fairly hard, many many times! I think I just heard her try it the twelvth time. The actual Host part is probably the hardest to do because she has quite a few words, and her inflections are really key. The editing of it is also very time consuming due to Post work. Hey, make that fourteen ;). I’ll post the new 5B4 when it’s done tomorrow or Wednesday some time! I also have to work on the Man Upstairs Intro video, which is humerous but we also did A LOT of takes on it. We’ll see how it turns out. Hey… Make it eighteen times :). Ok, I’ll post later.


Snowed In Party -> Hang Out Party

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Misc.

So yesterday around 12:00 as the snow begin to fall and it looked like we may be in for a long night, my youth pastor put in to play the “Snowed In Party”. He invited all of us Youth Workers over, we brought Card Games, board games and chilli! The snow continued to fall and fall, however it didn’t begin to build and build! It had practically stopped snowing around 6, but by then the Snowed In Party was in full swing so we couldn’t leave! Also, around 8 we got a call from Pastor that early service and Sunday School had been cancelled. Initiate Phone Tree! All of us spent about thirty minutes calling and sending text messages to everyone in our contact list letting them know of this “dire” change of circumstances. We hung out till around midnight then went home and slept… til 9:00! Wow! On a Sunday Morning! Unheard of! It rocked though.

So, how was your snowed in day? Do anything fun/exciting?